Hey beautiful people and eco-nuts Today I just wanted to point out a few of misconceptions about getting and maintaining personal organization. Messy=/=disorganized I know it is hard to believe but people can have organization in their mess. Organization is largely about how our brains process information and categorize the data gathered so that we … Continue reading Misconceptions

Building your professional road map

Part 1 of The Organized Professional series... What is a professional road-map? A professional roadmap is simply your guide to building the career and professional face that you desire to present to the world to ultimately facilitate your life goals. Essentially, a professional roadmap is a smaller part of your overall life design as every … Continue reading Building your professional road map

The Importance Of Sleep and A Morning Routine.

THIS POST IS PART OF DESIGN AND SCHEME’S  B2S PREP WEEK. You probably know what it feels like to be exhausted and still have a list of things to do. You probably also know what the difference is in the work you produce when you are well rested. Because of this, we can see that getting … Continue reading The Importance Of Sleep and A Morning Routine.