Leveraging Social Proof to Improve Event Production

The Social Proof Theory, popularized by psychologist Robert Cialdini, maintains that a person who does not know what the proper behavior for a certain situation is, will look to other people to imitate what they are doing and to provide guidance for his actions. In other words, social proof is one way for us to … Continue reading Leveraging Social Proof to Improve Event Production

Daily Life Organization For College

Welcome to part 3 of our B2S College style Series In this post, we are going to overview some important aspects of life young adults in college face and ways to address it. See below for your printable!   Get your transportation in order Ask yourself: Do you live on or off campus? If you … Continue reading Daily Life Organization For College

Your Social Calendar

Part 3 of The Organized Professional series... Building Your Reputation ... a 101 guide Networking is an important and often overlooked part of establishing yourself in your chosen career. Being good at what you do, even being the best, also is coupled by establishing yourself in a variety of circles as approachable and willing to … Continue reading Your Social Calendar