Daily Life Organization For College

Welcome to part 3 of our B2S College style Series In this post, we are going to overview some important aspects of life young adults in college face and ways to address it. See below for your printable!   Get your transportation in order Ask yourself: Do you live on or off campus? If you … Continue reading Daily Life Organization For College

Guest Post: College & Fitness

Welcome to part 2 of our B2S College style Series I understand, when you first step on the campus you are more interested in where you will sleep, eat, and who will be your friend.Everything is new and overwhelming. The LAST thing on your mind is "How will I keep myself in check when it … Continue reading Guest Post: College & Fitness

So you want to be organized? Do this!

This is not just another list. This is a discussion about your need to essentially trick your mind into accepting the changes you want to make and being motivated. Our May "Let's Talk"* from Vive Smart 2016 touched on change and motivation a lot, so be sure to request your access to it. But for now, … Continue reading So you want to be organized? Do this!