Earth day’s reminders

Its #EarthDay. Be mindful of your actions + their environmental impact. #Protectthisplanet for as long as we can. Have #compassion. — Design and Scheme (@DesignandScheme) April 22, 2016 // Earth Day is a day of mindfulness and education. It is to help us see what we can do in our life to repair the damage we … Continue reading Earth day’s reminders

Meditation: Setting your foundation.

We talk so much about time management tips and productivity. What I want to discuss now is more on the getting the right head space. I've mentioned before that you can have the supplies you need, the list, a very detail plan, but if you are not mentally, emotionally, and in some cases even spiritually … Continue reading Meditation: Setting your foundation.

Getting Organized? Simplify!

Maybe you have noticed a running theme on the organization side of D&S. Minimalism. Yes, D&S is about reducing as much excess as you can in all aspects of your life to improve the overall quality. The quality of your events and quality of your time spent getting organized and self-improving. Today I'm going to share a … Continue reading Getting Organized? Simplify!