Catering to Dietary Needs – Gluten-Free

While Gluten Free has become a very prominent tagline for fad diets and thus making people doubt that it is a dietary concern to take into consideration, I want to point out that for many it is something you shouldn't overlook. Gluten affects people with Celiac Disease. Gluten can also affect those with: Wheat allergies Lupus Non- Celiac Gluten … Continue reading Catering to Dietary Needs – Gluten-Free

Catering for dietary needs – Veggie Style

For vegan and vegetarian ideas check the recipe tag for weekly updates for ideas for food to serve. Also feel free contact me for tips. Food is often an important part of an event. When looking for caterers, it is always a  good idea to make sure that you have considered the dietary needs of your … Continue reading Catering for dietary needs – Veggie Style

Why Color Matters in Events.

The short answer is the visual appeal and how that visual makes you feel. It's a rather personal experience to how we relate to color and how we think about that color as an individual. But, let's think for a moment about some of the colors we generally attach to certain experiences and events. White … Continue reading Why Color Matters in Events.