Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

This post is part of design and scheme's  B2s prep week. ~Thoroughly complete all readings~ Many students do not complete their reading for their classes, and this can really impact your grade depending on how you learn. Reading the educational material allows you gain context so that you can place facts in a storyline.  The … Continue reading Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

Event Storytelling

-- a quick guide to establishing a brand and build a PR base for whatever you are selling. When you host an event, you have established an intended purpose or message. To spend time with family, to have fun, to advertise a product, to introduce a person. How you convey that message is event storytelling. … Continue reading Event Storytelling

Basic Cleaning Schedule – Daily Cleaning

This is a guide to be used and tailored to work for you. This will be a small series with a printable on the last article.  Here is part 2 and part 3. The goal of the Daily Cleaning is to eventually come to a place where your daily pick up is a 15-30 minute breeze … Continue reading Basic Cleaning Schedule – Daily Cleaning