Event Storytelling – Part 2

Last week discussed what event storytelling is, how to begin planning your event, and the announcements. Now let's continue to discuss the basics of designing your event production. 3) Develop the scene You have established your process and sent out your invitation. Now it's time to buckle down and find each piece of the puzzle. … Continue reading Event Storytelling – Part 2

Basic Cleaning Schedule – Daily Cleaning

This is a guide to be used and tailored to work for you. This will be a small series with a printable on the last article.  Here is part 2 and part 3. The goal of the Daily Cleaning is to eventually come to a place where your daily pick up is a 15-30 minute breeze … Continue reading Basic Cleaning Schedule – Daily Cleaning

So you want to be organized? Do this!

This isn't just another list. This is a discussion about your need to essentially trick your mind into accepting the changes you want to make and being motivated. Our May "Let's Talk"* from Vive Smart 2016 touched on change and motivation a lot, so be sure to request your access to it. But for now, we … Continue reading So you want to be organized? Do this!