Earth day’s reminders

Its #EarthDay. Be mindful of your actions + their environmental impact. #Protectthisplanet for as long as we can. Have #compassion. — Design and Scheme (@DesignandScheme) April 22, 2016 // Earth Day is a day of mindfulness and education. It is to help us see what we can do in our life to repair the damage we … Continue reading Earth day’s reminders

Meditation: Setting your foundation.

Try a We talk so much about time management tips and productivity. What I want to discuss now is more on getting the right headspace. I've mentioned before that you can have the supplies you need, the list, a very detailed plan, but if you are not mentally, emotionally, and in some cases even spiritually … Continue reading Meditation: Setting your foundation.

So what do veggie recipes have to do with event planning?

Well, nothing and everything. Let's review the top reason for leading a vegan lifestyle. Healthy alternatives to our favorite foods. Caring about animal cruelty and exploitation. Caring about the environment. In a single word, SUSTAINABILITY. That has been a big buzzword in marketing and event sphere for years. Personally, animal welfare and environmental harm are … Continue reading So what do veggie recipes have to do with event planning?