Basic Locker/ Backpack/ Binder

THIS POST IS PART OF DESIGN AND SCHEME'S  B2S PREP WEEK. Staying organized helps you to keep track of your necessities and always keep them within reach. This Basics guide helps you to make sure you have all the things you need without the unnecessary extras and to keep your study material organized. Basic locker organization … Continue reading Basic Locker/ Backpack/ Binder

Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

This post is part of design and scheme's  B2s prep week. ~Thoroughly complete all readings~ Many students do not complete their reading for their classes, and this can really impact your grade depending on how you learn. Reading the educational material allows you gain context so that you can place facts in a storyline.  The … Continue reading Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

Back To School: Getting On Track

As the summer winds down, school supply lists are cropping up announcing that school will be starting soon.  Some may struggle with shifting to the regular school year schedule. I'd like to offer some tips that I used when I was in school that helped me greatly. These tips are for adults and children alike. Slowly … Continue reading Back To School: Getting On Track