Daily Life Organization For College

Welcome to part 3 of our B2S College style Series In this post, we are going to overview some important aspects of life young adults in college face and ways to address it. See below for your printable!   Get your transportation in order Ask yourself: Do you live on or off campus? If you … Continue reading Daily Life Organization For College

Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

This post is part of design and scheme's  B2s prep week. ~Thoroughly complete all readings~ Many students do not complete their reading for their classes, and this can really impact your grade depending on how you learn. Reading the educational material allows you gain context so that you can place facts in a storyline.  The … Continue reading Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

Note taking guide: 5 step process

Note taking is a part of everyone's life. Whether it's mental or physical notes, we have to find the best way to help us document and often keep information. This note taking guide is meant to provide a brief overview of different ways to take notes and find the most efficient way to organize your … Continue reading Note taking guide: 5 step process