So you want to be organized? Do this!

This is not just another list. This is a discussion about your need to essentially trick your mind into accepting the changes you want to make and being motivated. Our May "Let's Talk"* from Vive Smart 2016 touched on change and motivation a lot, so be sure to request your access to it. But for now, … Continue reading So you want to be organized? Do this!

Hello beautiful people and Eco-nuts

This is Shalyse dropping in to let you all know that because Vive smart 2016 is this weekend, Design and Scheme will not have weekly post this week. Can't make it to Vive Smart but dying to attend.  Well, that's ok. We have planned to stream Vive Smart 2016 via Hangouts on Air and possibly also Periscope … Continue reading Hello beautiful people and Eco-nuts

Let’s Talk May 2016 – Preview

Personal Organizing Vive Smart 2016 When you know where your belongings are, when you know when you can start and stop, and when you know where you can be flexible or just flat out say no, your life can feel a bit easier. It can give you a sense of control. Well, “controlled chaos”, since … Continue reading Let’s Talk May 2016 – Preview