Post originally posted on Vive By Design.
What does Vivé by design mean? It means “To live with a plan, a goal, a dream and a purpose; [To] live with desire.”

For 2015 one of Vivé’s community goals is to help people in the DFW area (and beyond), do exactly that.

At Vivé we are all about creating a healthy lifestyle. Notice we say lifestyle. This means we are not only trying to be physically fit through exercise, but we are trying to be an all-encompassing healthy that supports mind, body and spirit.

Starting January 2015 Vivé will be starting a four (4) month program to help support community members with their goals for 2015.

Again notice the words we are using, goals rather than resolutions. What Vivé is planning to do isn’t about having good intentions and that being it. We are about S.M.A.R.T goals.
This program will consist of one (1) meeting a month to discuss what’s going on and method’s to handle your goals.

We will ask everyone to post about their 2015 goal(s) on social media using the Hashtag #VIVESMART, starting January 1, 2015.


So what are S.M.A.R.T goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely goals.

Specific- answers the questions who and what. What EXACTLY do you want?

Measurable- answers the question how. How will you know you reached your goal?

Attainable- is your goal realistic? Can it be achieved in the time you set?

Relevant- does this goal fit in with your overall vision?

Timed- goals should have a clearly defined time frame.


Ex: I want to lose weight. How can we improve this to become a SMART goal.

I will lose 5 pounds by attending fitness classes at Vivé 4 times a week for a month.

  • Is this goal realistic? Yes! 4 times a week is doable.
  • Does this fit in your over all vision? Yes!

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