Vive Smart 2016

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Speaker Bio:

Shalyse Wright-Bethea is a bubble and Earth-loving , veggie eating, office supply obsessed, free spirit She founded Design and Scheme in 2014 as an online portfolio to house her event experience after she discovered her love of event planning as a career choice in 2013.

Since then it has expanded to encompass her personal organization experience as well. She has been working in both fields since 2011 and is fueled by her passion to help others. Shalyse is also the event director for Madu Group Events and Partnerships.
Becoming organized requires establishing structure and discipline to yourself with just the right amount of fun and edge to keep you on track.

Join Shalyse and indulge in her favorite tea, as she helps you on your personal organizing journey.

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You’ll learn

Vive Smart 2016 Schedule

◊ To address time squandering habits.

◊ How to map your time commitment.

◊ How to maximize you free time.

◊ How to find your personal organization motivation.

◊ How to address clutter.

◊ How to purge the unnecessary items in your life.


Who should attend:

◊ Anyone in need of a jumpstart to personal organization.Vive Smart 2016 Business Raffle

◊ People who want to learn to manage their workloads.

◊ Students.

◊ People in search of personal organizing support.

◊ People who need help managing stress and time.



The ultimate goal of this seminar is to assist attendees in recognizing and managing their organizing needs, as well as giving them a place to initiate their personal and professional objectives.

Can’t make the event in person?  That’s OK

We have a hangout session planned.

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