Easy Steps Start Organizing your Budget

Treat Yourself Nothing makes budgeting more miserable than going from home to work and back again just to pay the bills all the time. This is part of why people tend to overspend. The indulge without planning. One built it fail-safe for your budget is to set aside a certain amount for you to indulge yourself … Continue reading Easy Steps Start Organizing your Budget

But I don’t have a regular schedule

When you have a fluctuating schedule, it is tough to organize your time. Here are some tips for helping you get your schedule to be manageable. Understand that you can not plan your schedule as quickly and account for that limitation. Plan "Me time" at least once per week. Even 15 minutes a day can … Continue reading But I don’t have a regular schedule

Let’s Talk May 2016 – Preview

Personal Organizing Vive Smart 2016 When you know where your belongings are, when you know when you can start and stop, and when you know where you can be flexible or just flat out say no, your life can feel a bit easier. It can give you a sense of control. Well, “controlled chaos”, since … Continue reading Let’s Talk May 2016 – Preview