Give Yourself Permission to Regroup

Part 5 of The Organized Professional series... I mentioned in an earlier post for this series that I have severe social anxiety. It makes everything that involves other people hard for me, from having a spouse to doing business, but I have fought a long hard battle not to let it control me. The realist advice … Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Regroup

Your Social Calendar

Part 3 of The Organized Professional series... Building Your Reputation ... a 101 guide Networking is an important and often overlooked part of establishing yourself in your chosen career. Being good at what you do, even being the best, also is coupled by establishing yourself in a variety of circles as approachable and willing to … Continue reading Your Social Calendar

Building your C.V

Part 2 of The Organized Professional series... What is a C.V? A CV (Curriculum Vitæ, which means course of life in Latin) is an in-depth document that can be laid out over two or more pages and it contains a high level of detail about your achievements, a great deal more than just a career biography. … Continue reading Building your C.V