Getting Social on Campus

College isn't just a place for academic education. It is a place to make connections, so it is essential to understand the purpose of your social interactions. The crowd you decompress from work and classes with may not be the same you develop for networking and connections, but it is important to remember that both groups … Continue reading Getting Social on Campus

What Does It Mean To Be A Professional

Part 6 of The Organized Professional series... As I was preparing this series and conversing with my companions and colleagues, I drew my conclusion, that there is not one way to be a professional. There are many industries and each one has it's own etiquette and protocols. What I do have for you is a basic … Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be A Professional

Give Yourself Permission to Regroup

Part 5 of The Organized Professional series... I mentioned in an earlier post for this series that I have severe social anxiety. It makes everything that involves other people hard for me from having a spouse to doing business, but I have fought a long hard battle to not let it control me. The realist advice … Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Regroup