Remote event speaker – Mini Guide

  Going with the theme of remote work and activities, this week's topic on Design and Scheme will discuss hosting remote presenters/speakers for your events. For some, a remote speaker may be the best for their event. Perhaps the presenter can't travel, or it's just cost-effective. The purpose of the software we are discussing in … Continue reading Remote event speaker – Mini Guide

Overview: Organizing with office

Two weeks ago, Design and Scheme collaborated with Madu Group - Events and Partnerships and the Microsoft Store. We visited one of the platforms that are very inexpensive for the capabilities offered to businesses and individuals to discuss some of the products that are useful for everyday project management. One of the many services of … Continue reading Overview: Organizing with office

Let’s talk Sustainable Events.

We are going green, right? I am continually working at trying to do my part to help the environment, and I sincerely hope that other's will be inspired to do their part to help reduce the damage we cause, so I wanted to have a brief conversation with you about sustainable options when planning events. … Continue reading Let’s talk Sustainable Events.