Meditation: Setting your foundation.

We talk so much about time management tips and productivity. What I want to discuss now is more on the getting the right head space. I've mentioned before that you can have the supplies you need, the list, a very detail plan, but if you are not mentally, emotionally, and in some cases even spiritually … Continue reading Meditation: Setting your foundation.

Tips for going veggie

Take it slow and learn nutrition. Read about food. YouTube is your friend. It's OK to buy a few cookbooks. Invest in your kitchen, because it's also an investment in your health. Not everything has to be organic. Remember the dirty dozen. Learn about ingredient labels. Don't forget that animal by-products have many names. It's … Continue reading Tips for going veggie

Veggie Bakeware fundamentals – Kitchen items you’ll love.

This post contains affiliate links. When making veggie food some of us with food quirks often struggle. In the three and a half  ( almost four. Yay!) years, I've been veggie I've learned some tips and tricks that have helped me deal with my food aversion and make being veggie just as creative and fun … Continue reading Veggie Bakeware fundamentals – Kitchen items you’ll love.