Guest Post: College & Fitness

Welcome to part 2 of our B2S College style Series I understand, when you first step on the campus you are more interested in where you will sleep, eat, and who will be your friend.Everything is new and overwhelming. The LAST thing on your mind is "How will I keep myself in check when it … Continue reading Guest Post: College & Fitness

Bujo Pages for Life Design

Part 2 of The Planner Basics Series Uses for bullet journals as approved by Design and Scheme. Task Checklist Priority List Research Organizing Inspiration collections Idea Collections Habit Trackers Personal Goal Tracker Professional Development Goal Tracker Phone Trees/ Contact List Meal Planning Inventories Project Trackers Editorial Calendars Budget Mapping/Trackers Fitness Tracker Book List Financial Goals … Continue reading Bujo Pages for Life Design

Wardrobe Organizing Basics – Defining your personal style

Often times, we just buy clothes. We don't have a real purpose or idea, we only see something we like, and buy it. This is one of the many reasons that closet and bedroom clutter are hard to manage, as well as for many being financially organized when it comes to spending. People end up … Continue reading Wardrobe Organizing Basics – Defining your personal style