Daily Life Organization For College

Welcome to part 3 of our B2S College style Series In this post, we are going to overview some important aspects of life young adults in college face and ways to address it. See below for your printable!   Get your transportation in order Ask yourself: Do you live on or off campus? If you … Continue reading Daily Life Organization For College

3 Tips For Getting Prepped For University

Welcome to our B2S College style Series So we are going to jump right into getting prepared for university life. Some of the tips in the series will help incoming high school seniors only and some will be specifically targetted to incoming college students. All the information, however, is valuable to all groups in answering … Continue reading 3 Tips For Getting Prepped For University


Hey beautiful people and eco-nuts Today I just wanted to point out a few of misconceptions about getting and maintaining personal organization. Messy=/=disorganized I know it is hard to believe but people can have organization in their mess. Organization is largely about how our brains process information and categorize the data gathered so that we … Continue reading Misconceptions