Event Storytelling – Part 2

Last week discussed what event storytelling is, how to begin planning your event, and the announcements. Now let's continue to discuss the basics of designing your event production. 3) Develop the scene You have established you process and sent out your invitation. Now it's time to buckle down and find each piece of the puzzle. … Continue reading Event Storytelling – Part 2

Event Storytelling

-- a quick guide to establishing a brand and build a PR base for whatever you are selling. When you host an event, you have established an intended purpose or message. To spend time with family, to have fun, to advertise a product, to introduce a person. How you convey that message is event storytelling. … Continue reading Event Storytelling

Remote event speaker – Mini Guide

  Going with the theme of remote work and activities, this week topic on Design and Scheme is going to discuss hosting remote presenters / speakers for your events. For some a remote speaker may be the best for their event. Perhaps the presenter can't travel or it's just cost-effective. The purpose of the software we are … Continue reading Remote event speaker – Mini Guide

Overview: Organizing with office

Two weeks ago Design and Scheme collaborated with Madu Group - Events and Partnerships and the Microsoft Store. We visited one of the platforms that are very inexpensive for the capabilities offered to businesses and individuals to discuss some of the products that are useful for everyday project management. One of the many services of Design and … Continue reading Overview: Organizing with office

Let’s talk Sustainable Events.

We are going green, right? I am constantly working at trying to do my part to help the environment and I truly hope that other's will be inspired to do their part to help reduce the damage we cause, so I wanted to have a brief conversation with you about sustainable options when planning events. … Continue reading Let’s talk Sustainable Events.

Shalyse’s Spring Favs

Spring is on it's way. In Texas, we are already starting to see peaks of it. I love Spring, Summer, and early Autumn because I love being outside.  Unfortunately, most of the Texas Summer is far too hot, so I have to really take time to enjoy the Spring weather. Let's recall my tips for … Continue reading Shalyse’s Spring Favs

Event Blueprints – providing a guide to planning

Planning an event can be very difficult if you've never done it or have no idea to begin. An event blueprint, whether you find one online or hire an event planner to make one tailored to your needs can help guide  you on your journey. Essentially an event blueprint is road map  that points out the … Continue reading Event Blueprints – providing a guide to planning

So what do veggie recipes have to do with event planning?

Well nothing and everything. Let's review the top reason for leading a vegan lifestyle. Healthy alternatives to our favorite foods. Caring about animal cruelty and exploitation. Caring about the environment. In a single word, SUSTAINABILITY. That has been a big buzzword in marketing and event sphere for years. Personally, animal welfare and environmental harm are … Continue reading So what do veggie recipes have to do with event planning?

Halloween event for the kiddies

Here is a little starter idea for a kids event. This event is a fun and educational and can be applied to any educational concept. Attractions include: Passport game with trick or treating Photo booth Games Dancing Candy The passport game Supplies: You will need enough tables for all the booths you want. I suggest starting … Continue reading Halloween event for the kiddies


  What is it? [the act of] selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles or one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various  It defines my personal and professional fashion choices, as well as, event set up and presentation. Those that get to … Continue reading Ecletic