Event Storytelling | Event Blueprints Part 2

This post is part 2 of the Event Blueprints Series. -- a quick guide to establishing a brand and build a PR base for whatever you are selling. When you host an event, you have established an intended purpose or message. To spend time with family, to have fun, to advertise a product, to introduce … Continue reading Event Storytelling | Event Blueprints Part 2

Learning In Your Freetime

Part 4 of The Organized Professional series... 7 ways to boost what you know! Read. Visit your local library or get a subscription to a program like audible to listen on the go. Libraries also have audio books that come in MP3 versions for on the go learning. Watch YouTube. Download Podcast My current faves: TED Talks, Entrepreneur … Continue reading Learning In Your Freetime

Child-led Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning

Hello beautiful people, I have work in child care for a short time. One of the things I have noticed with Covid-19 is that parents are often struggling to find activities for their children to do. It is not that there is not a plethora of information available, its that there is so much information … Continue reading Child-led Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning

Embracing Mental Illness for Academic Success

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