D&S Policies and Disclaimer

D&S Policies and disclaimers are subject to change.

  •  Copyright:
  • Communication:
    • Site correspondences will be answered on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday unless dealing with services which will be answered as soon as possible. No correspondence should take more than 7 days to respond to.
    • Inquiries for advice are subject to be posted. No identifying information will be posted and any details needed to be changed to protect your identity will be made.
    • For certain services, once paid you will be given access to direct contact to me. You will be given parameters for texting and calling making communication on a one-one basis more streamlined.
  • Comments:
    • NO intentionally inflammatory comments will be permitted. Please keep things P-13 at max.
    • Comments will be moderated. Comments will be reviewed daily.
  • Privacy
    • Unless interested in a service no personal details will be kept without permission. If personal contact info is needed a request will be sent to ask permission for its use and that will be kept on record.
  • Disclaimers:
    • I am not a health care professional or a nutritionist. Any information I post is through personal experience and research. Please do your own research before adding significant changes to your diet/lifestyle and consider consulting a health care professional, nutritionist, or dietician. August 2, 2015.
    • I am not a therapist. My training is in I/O psychology, Professional Organization, and Event Planning. I live with various neurodivergences. I have the skill and training to coach you and consult.
  • Affiliate Links
    • This blog may contain amazon affiliate links, in which Design and Scheme receives 4 percent of the purchase. We do try to mark all post that have affiliate links. Post before February 2016 should not contain any affiliate links.

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