Welcome to Design & Scheme

The goal of Design and Scheme is to primarily provide consulting services for events and professional organizing needs. We also discuss, to a degree, lifestyle topics focusing on veggie, ethical, and more sustainable lifestyles, which we feel tie into the overall theme. Please feel free to visit the services page to see what is provided. 

To Design means to create something. It can be the abstraction of a created thing or a reference to the process in which something is built.

A scheme is essentially a plan or program of action. Its interrelated concepts mapped together that lead to the completion of an objective.

The Purpose of this site is to create a space to discuss the topics of event planning, organizing, and healthy living. All of these are rather interdisciplinary topics in nature, involving a degree of the application of design and the ability to plan. The primary offerings of this website are personal organizing services and productivity consulting that helps individuals learn compassion self care and accountability methods.

D&S started initially began in April 2014 as an online portfolio for a soon to be graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. Since then it has grown to reflect the goals and desires of that same student.

Please take your time to look through the current content and check in periodically for updated information.