About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Shalyse Wright-Bethea. I am 23 and married to my very wonderful Mister.

At 21, I was graduating from university and was in search of a creative way to setup my portfolio. Thus Design and Scheme was born.

At 22 I decided to make this more than a portfolio that held my past professional event planning experience. I wanted a place in which I could express my passion for events and process the information that I found interesting.

At 23 I decided to expand upon the previous idea and take Design and Scheme beyond my original vision, and explore even more subject matter. These changes not only reflect the changes in my life, but who I have grown to be as a person.

My goal is still to share my work and knowledge as I expand and grow in my own interest. I have since graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a B.A.  in Interdisciplinary Studies*, where I also used my Lovegevity certification to secure an internship position for event coordinating, which sealed my desire to embrace event planning.



Interdisciplinary Studies is a degree that allows students to synthesize two of more academic disciplines to create a major that allows students to gain an understanding of subjects that cannot be adequately understood from one perspective.

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