Child-led Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning

Hello beautiful people,

I have work in child care for a short time. One of the things I have noticed with Covid-19 is that parents are often struggling to find activities for their children to do. It is not that there is not a plethora of information available, its that there is so much information to wade through, time and budget considerations, and trying to make sure the activities will catch their attention. Well, I have taken some time to cut out some of the stress. I have attached a link to a document that list activities in various categories and subcategories. These are not necessarily age-specific, but all of the activities are meant to be something Children between 5-11 can do with minimal help for an adult.

Now do not get me wrong. I am not promoting giving kids activities and not socializing with them or not paying attention to them all day. These are all constructive activities to occupy children as needed. Examples of this are children who must stay home part or all of the time while a parent works remotely; children who, now that school has started and offers virtual options, finish their work early and need to stimulation; children who need more stimulation in their day. These are simply activities that parents can engage with their children while allowing their child to explore their abilities and grow their knowledge.

Please take a look at this document and enjoy it. This document will be periodically updated to change broken links, reformat, and find new activities.


Click the picture to access the document.

Neutral tone image that says Child-led Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning at the top. In Boxes below it says Games, Social-Emotional, Music, then STEAM.

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