Daily Life Organization For College

Welcome to part 3 of our B2S College style Series

In this post, we are going to overview some important aspects of life young adults in college face and ways to address it. See below for your printable!


Get your transportation in order

Ask yourself:

  • Do you live on or off campus?
  • If you are off campus how do you get to class, study group, and home?
  • Do you have a car? Do you have a gas budget?
  • Does the campus have on campus transportation?
  • Can you walk everywhere you need?
  • Where is the grocery store?

The remember to:

  • Review your routes
  • Purchase your bike equipment if  needed
  • Purchase safety equipment
  • Check for student discounts for local transit
  • Cost for parking

As we have noted in another post, walking is economical and helps you to stay in shape. So maybe you commute to campus, leave your car in student parking and walk everywhere you can, and use the campus transportation system to get other places.

Not only are you prioritizing your health and being budget friendly, but you are giving yourself a chance to explore your campus and meet new people.

It is also important to note that some colleges don’t have grocery stores, so if you aren’t getting a meal plan for while you are on campus, you need to be able to get to food or bring it with you. That get’s complicated if you don’t have a car at all, so will your parents visit to take you shopping, does campus transportation go to stores, or will you be reliant on your networking skills.

Set your finances
  • Make sure all scholarships and financial aid are handled and the paperwork finalized.
  • Have your bank account set up and be sure there is a branch of your bank new campus.
  • Create a budget. Regardless of who is paying for what, you should still have a budget set up to help reduce your financial woes and to make sure you allow expenses for some R&R. Include transportation and meal cost.
  • Set aside money for expenses for joining at least one school organization. Some have a cost.
  • The cost to buy new supplies and to pay for class needs not included in tuition.
  • Emergency Cash
Maintaining organization

Make sure you create a reading and study schedule.

Have an on-the-go office for when life goes unexpectedly!

Don’t just party all weekend.

Make sure you have a weekly schedule that gives you an overview of everything you are doing for the week.  Don’t forget to fill out the Time Allocation Chart.



Create Your Life’s Design

What can Design and Scheme do for you?

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