Hey beautiful people and eco-nuts

Today I just wanted to point out a few of misconceptions about getting and maintaining personal organization.


I know it is hard to believe but people can have organization in their mess. Organization is largely about how our brains process information and categorize the data gathered so that we can complete the task in efficient ways. The efficiency, however, is subjunctive in group settings. If your version of organization includes clean lines and everything having a very distinct visual place, anything that resembles chaos will not seem organized.

Being organized is easy

Simply it is not. If you do not have a version of organization that defaults to you, you must retain your brain and that takes time and repetition. That type of consistency needed to create a lifestyle transition requires a lot of effort and personal resources making it doable, but likely not easy for the person.

Disorganization means lazy

No. It just means you have a new skill to learn.

Organizing means you won’t have clutter

False. There are different types of organization. You can be great with time management, but awful with paper clutter or have a tendency to hoard.

You have to buy things to get organized

No. I am a big promoter of purging your life. I do not advocate buying anything to get organized until you have completed an assessment that determines if you truly need everything present, because you may be storing instead of organizing.

I don’t need to purge just find a home/time for everything

Again there is a difference between storing items and getting organized.

To do list fix everything

Maybe. If you write all your task own, however, you are not guaranteed to understand how to prioritize various task, delegate, migrate, and complete them. Task management is a skill to learn.


Well, there is the quick and dirty on some of the common misconceptions brought to me. I hope this helps you on your journey.

Create Your Life’s Design

Let Design and Scheme help you address your organizing misconceptions. 

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