Give Yourself Permission to Regroup

Part 5 of The Organized Professional series…

I mentioned in an earlier post for this series that I have severe social anxiety. It makes everything that involves other people hard for me, from having a spouse to doing business, but I have fought a long hard battle not to let it control me.

The realist advice I was given back in college was “Give yourself permission to just be.” I preach so much about taking note of your personal resources, but at this moment, I want you to note that when you have had a stressful week, projects mounting, clients in crisis, and everything keeps piling on with the work-life balance, it is OK to stop.

It is perfectly sound, healthy, and responsible to take a little time for you to decompress and regroup.

You will be better for it as well.

You need to get enough sleep.

You need to eat well.

You need to spend time with your support system.

You need to be there for your kids.

You need to share precious moments with your spouse.

You need cuddle time with your pets.

You need to be alone and stop thinking.

You need to be so that you can remember your goals and why you work so hard in the first place.

Part of being an organized professional is finding the time to allow yourself to regroup to stay on track.

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