But I don’t have a regular schedule

When you have a fluctuating schedule, it is tough to organize your time. Here are some tips for helping you get your schedule to be manageable.

  1. Understand that you can not plan your schedule as quickly and account for that limitation.
  2. Plan “Me time” at least once per week. Even 15 minutes a day can significantly improve your state of mind and focus.
  3. Write everything down. Use a planner or an app that will allow you to see what you are doing visually.
  4. Don’t take on more than you can do. Learn to say “no” because you can not guarantee that you will have the ability to do the task.
  5. Divide tasks into multiple daily/weekly parts. This helps you to do more with less time.
  6. Create/update your schedule, when you get your updated work schedule ( and other schedules). Always stay up to date.
  7. Take 20 mins per night to review your planner.
  8. Plan time for exercise and meals.
  9. Plan time to interact with friends and family in a relaxing setting.


And last but not least, try out Take Control of Your Time. This is an on-demand audio course that helps you learn to value your time, visualize your time, and understand prioritization.

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