Study Tips To Try This Upcoming Semester

This post is part of design and scheme’s  B2s prep week.
~Thoroughly complete all readings~

Many students do not complete their reading for their classes, and this can really impact your grade depending on how you learn. Reading the educational material allows you gain context so that you can place facts in a storyline.  The best thing to do is give yourself ample time to complete your reading by breaking it up into small consumable pieces per day, and to complete the following steps.


  1. Pre-scan all sections of reading to identify key points.
  2. Make a tentative outline.
  3. Read and Key Terms definitions provided.
  4. Read the entire reading and fill in the outline. Be sure to break up large chapters, sections, or pieces into smaller parts per day up until the day the reading is due.
~Write all dates, people, places, and concepts down.~

I’m mentioning this multiple times because these are the important pieces of detail. This is your key terms list that can later be turned into flashcards, timelines and can help expand

~Make Flashcards.~  

Flash cards are used to assist in learning by invoking three steps:  repetition, clue association, and active recollection. It is a method of self-testing that helps you to memorize concepts, improve your comprehension, and utilize visual learning.


  • Keep your cards short and straightforward.
  • Use categories.
  • Use questions.
  • Ask yourself questions.
  • Use the front and back of physical cards.
  • Use key terms.
  • Use color.


  • You can use online sites and apps, like StudyBlue,
  • or you can use index cards and templates.
~Type all notes to make them orderly and accessible.~
~Try different types of note-taking .~
  • Cornell notes are excellent for second drafts of notes and class notes, though free writing class notes in conjunction with pre-reading outlines make it so that you can focus more on what is being said in class.
~Print teacher power points and notes beforehand if you aren’t allowed technology in class.~
~Read through your notes every day.~
~Set up a study schedule for each class~
  • Include test, homework, projects, and note-taking.
  • Create an outline of important topics to use.
  • Take note of problem areas you have and make time for them in your schedule. ex: extra study time/ practice problems.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your instructor for clarification.
~Exercise and study~

Accomplish two task at once. For some people, certain types of multitasking can help to imprint the material. Some exercises can help you to develop patterns and associations as well.

~Take frequent and short study breaks

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed and bogged down. Allow yourself to rest and refresh yourself often.

Create a study group

Meet up with your peers to study. Identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use each other’s skill sets to help each other. At the very least you will start to develop skills that can help with tutoring if you are an active participant in the study group.

Listen to music~

Soothing classical or meditation music or music with a beat.  Remember patterns can help you and having multiple associations available to you can help on test day.

~Go into minimal tech mode~

There are extensions and computer apps like StayFocusd for Chrome that allow you to set certain time periods for you to use your computer for entertainment so that you will not be distracted when you need to study.  Windows 10 allows parents to set up accounts for their children in which they can block access to certain sites and verify the account activity as needed. Students can set up the account themselves as well. Setting up a study schedule will help with this as well because you have a predetermined timetable of your needs established.

Removing distractions can help you if you find yourself studying for hours with no progress.

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