Weekly Cleaning | Cleaning Schedule Basics Part 2

Part 2 of the Cleaning Schedule Basics series.
This is a guide to be used and tailored to work for you. This will be a small series with a printable on the last article. Here is part 1 and part 3.

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Implementing a weekly schedule helps with further clutter and cleaning maintenance, thus reducing the deep cleans’ time. You know what that means? More time for you to dedicate to your personal and professional pursuit.

Alright, so here is the next basic list in the series. This will cover the same basic cleaning needs by rooms, but those that are needed, weekly.


  • Pick up clutter*.
  • Move recycling to the main container.
  • Empty trash
  • Change sheets
  • Dust surfaces.
  • Wipe down baseboard.
  • Clean light switch.
  • Vacuum


  • Wipe out cabinets, appliances, and cabinets.
  • Wipe down baseboard.
  • Clean the dishwasher.
  • Clean out the garbage disposer
  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Clean out the oven.
  • Wipe down the dish rack.
  • Clean light switch.
  • Wipe down the bar top.
  • Clean out the garbage can.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.


  • Clean light switch.
  • Wipe the baseboard.
  • Scrub the bathtub/tile/shower head.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Clean off the entire toilet ( from top to bottom).
  • Sweep and mop the floor.


  • Clean out the fireplace.
  • Clean off surfaces.
  • Air out the couch.
  • Dust surfaces.
  • Check/reorganize bookshelves.
  • Vacuum

*There are two ways to do this. 1) Go around with a small basket for each room and place misplaced items in the basket to sort into the proper place during the weekly deep clean. 2) Work on efficient and quick ways to put away your clutter. The second option will take more time and trial and error. Let these be your only two or part of your only a few options.


  • Other optional pieces are washing the bathroom rugs and couch cushions.
  • Go through papers to organize and purge the unnecessary ones.

Products that may help:

What are some of your weekly cleaning tips?

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