Overview: Organizing with office

Two weeks ago, Design and Scheme collaborated with Madu Group – Events and Partnerships and the Microsoft Store. We visited one of the platforms that are very inexpensive for the capabilities offered to businesses and individuals to discuss some of the products that are useful for everyday project management.

One of the many services of Design and Scheme as a Professional Organizing company is time management consulting. Often we waste time on paper clutter and in improper scheduling or redundant back and forth communications.

Productivity is something that most of us try to perfect, but what we overlook that technology can help us reduce many of the time-wasting habits we have if we take a few extra moments to learn about the options out there and learn about our individual needs and weaknesses.

Here is an overview of characteristics – highlighted at Organizing with Office – of two Microsoft services that you may find useful for getting organized, working with a team, and eliminating wasted time going back and forth.

OneNote [Download Here]
  • Incredibly interactive.
  • It’s like a five subject notebook digitized and with as many subjects as you want. You have the power to create notebooks and add people. “Sections” in OneNote are like dividers
  • You can collaborate on the technology.
  • Pages can be sub-pages to group projects together.
  • You can record audio and video as you type. Change camera setting from the front to the back-facing camera.
  • One note works with and without a stylus for the writing part.
    Spreadsheets are editable in OneNote. Click it, and it opens the spreadsheet and when you save your changes, go to OneNote.
  • Add images from the internet to OneNote.
  • Edge has a reading view.
  • Password protect sections and pages. This allows specific individuals or groups to have access to it.

We are adding some videos from Office to help you better navigate to software.

Outlook [Download]


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