Hello beautiful people and Eco-nuts

This is Shalyse dropping in to let you all know that because Vive smart 2016 is this weekend, Design and Scheme will not have weekly post this week.

Can’t make it to Vive Smart but dying to attend.  Well, that’s ok. We have planned to stream Vive Smart 2016 via Hangouts on Air and possibly also Periscope (@Shalysewb).

Hangouts on air event link.

Reminder to send in your questions for the Q and As in before the event.

Please be sure to email your question at designandscheme@gmail.com by Friday, April 29 5:00 PM central time to have them answered in the Q and A sections. Please note which section your question is under:
-Time Management
-Design and Scheme General Questions

We will resume our regular posting of helpful organizing and event tips with an eco-twist next week.

Expect a lovely recipe, which you may have seen previewed on my Instagram account, and an overview from Organizing with Office as requested.




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