Let’s Talk May 2016 – Preview

Personal Organizing

Vive Smart 2016

When you know where your belongings are, when you know when you can start and stop, and when you know where you can be flexible or just flat out VJHKJHKsay no, your life can feel a bit easier. It can give you a sense of control. Well, “controlled chaos”, since you can never really be in control. You can, however, get to a point where you can manage outside forces consistently and adapt as needed. You have a tentative plan and that’s all you need to start your journey.

Personal organization is the deconstruction of current ineffective methods to eliminate any redundant and unaccommodating behaviors and replace them with positive habits while building on the pre-existing beneficial practices of the individual. It is an effort to preserve our personal resources which include our time, energy, and our self-esteem. Organization looks different from individual to individual, so one must remember to never compare their organizing habits to others, but only compare their current organization practices to their personal goals.


Our brains can become a jumbled mess; we lose items and misplace time.

Time is a precious commodity that we take for granted. I say commodity because it’s a limited resource in the way that humans measure it. It is often viewed as two-dimensional and linear. A linear view of time means that there is an end. You can see time. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, year are ways we measure time thus making it more tangible, visual. We only have so many hours in a single day to devote to our wants and needs and to give to others for their various needs from us. It can get incredibly overwhelming trying to fit every little thing in…


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