Shalyse’s tips for utilizing your after-work time effectively.

  • Before leaving work, completely carry out your wrap up routine and plan priority emails and calls in advance.

  • Audio learning: Listen to podcasts or audio books during your commutes. This also can be used as a transitional period from switching from professional to family person.
  • Decompress. When you get home, take 30 minutes to an hour to decompress and be. For some people, this is a chance to catch up on tv or take a nap. Other ideas:
    1. Spend some time catching up with family and friends.
    2. Do some yoga or meditate.
    3. For those that can’t get into audio books, take some time to enjoy a few chapters of a book
  • Dinner: Plan a balanced and healthful dinner. For those with a busy or late schedule, develop a meal prepping plan.
  • Exercise: For those that don’t find exercising incredibly relaxing, depending on your schedule, exercising for an hour in the evening is helpful. Be mindful. Be sure to eat well before and to check in on your physical being before.
  • Once you are home, review for the next day.
    1. Know your schedule and have all materials from home prepped.
    2. Have your outfit planned.
    3. Have breakfast and lunch prepped.
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower. Aromatherapy and heat in one place. Yes, please!
  • Journal: Give yourself a chance to process your thought.
    1. Review the day.
    2. Creatively write.
    3. Process your feeling.
    4. Talk about your goals.
  • Socialize: Reduce the amount of time you focus on work and spend time catching up with your family.
  • Try a 15 minute clean up to make sure things are somewhat tidy.
  • Hit the sack. You’ve had a long day.


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