Professional Organizers: What? Why? How?

As many of you may know by now, D&S doesn’t just speak on events. We also cover organization, whether directly tied to events or not. So we are going to take some time to discuss the basics of what professional organizing entails.

What is it?

Professional Organizers assist people and organizations alike in both their private and personal lives, depending on what the organizer themselves choose to specialize in. We can offer help that ranges from time management consulting ( one of my specialties 🙂 ) and productivity to reducing clutter and helping to improve design for function and space-saving.  The central focus of our jobs is to remove the excess and help to implement habits that can give the individual a chance take control ( or take bake the control they feel they may have lost).


Why should you hire a P.O?

While many of us are great at deciding to make a change, we often need help getting started and developing the habits so that we continue. That is where a P.O comes in.

We help you to develop action steps, visual aids, and ideas that can help you in the long run. We allow and encourage our clients to admit that they need assistance and (should) provide a somewhat safe environment to grow from. Many P.Os are willing to work with clients in the long run as well. This is beneficial because they can work with you not only to start a plan but to observe and help with changes over time.

Let’s just throw the idea that everyone is capable of organizing effectively away. It’s not true. You can have a system that “works for you”, but if you are consistently not ending your day where you want it ( a sign of a productivity and time management problem) or you are consistently running late because you can’t find anything, your money is never where you want it to be (possible budgeting or expectations issue) you may need someone to come in and help.

P.O will come in and analyze the situation and they will help develop an action plan and they often will have a team of contractors who can help with that plan.

Our job is simply to make your life and job more manageable and a heck of a lot easier.

“How do I book your organizing services?”

First, I invite you to view my services; this will give you a general idea of what I do. Next book a meeting. You will receive an email that will allow us to set up a call, skype meeting, or depending on your location I will come to you.

This consulting session is a screening session that will allow me to determine if my services will be useful to you and give me information to start formulating a plan we can work from and manipulate as needed.

I look forward to working with you in the future


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