Meditation: Setting your foundation.

We talk so much about time management tips and productivity. What I want to discuss now is more on the getting the right head space.

I’ve mentioned before that you can have the supplies you need, the list, a very detail plan, but if you are not mentally, emotionally, and in some cases even spiritually there you will never see progress. You will lose your motivating force and focus.

Meditation is one of the methods I use to get my head right. I love it. Essentially meditation is about mindfulness; you are self-regulating and training your mind. Having multiple discussions with people has made me realize that many people don’t know how to meditate or just can’t get their brain to stop and slow down long enough to start it.

I’m been meditating for years (since I was 13) primarily as a spiritual practice, but I realized in college that it helped my stress. Probably because those years were super stressful for me. Hopefully, you will find meditation as beneficial as I have found it.

Below I will give some quick tips I have on meditating.

First, let’s note that there are multiple types of meditations. X  X X

Now the list
  • When you first start your practice, meditate for as long as you are not distracted. Slowly you will improve.
  • Use various mediums to focus yourself. You can use journaling, sound, movement includes yoga, flame, water (they have those waterfall machines), and scent (aromatherapy).Here is a list of some essential oils for stress.
  • Allow errant thoughts to happen. The more you try to force yourself to not think, the more you are thinking. Have the thought, make a mental note to come back to it, and continue. You’ll learn over time to isolate.
  • Meditate while exercising. Focusing on your body’s reaction to physical activity can be a great way to start to train your mind. Yoga anybody! Inserting my fave yoga Youtuber.
  • Use music. Sometimes when I am particularly scattered, I’ll put on soothing meditative music. It helps me to focus my intentions and desires.
  • Don’t eat a meal right before meditation. I eat about 2 hours before meditating. This ensures that I will not be starving or focused on how tired I am from my food. I do yoga 1-3 times a week around the same time and when I meditate without exercise its late night.
  • Schedule the bulk of your meditations.
  • Begin to learn and practice self-acceptance. This includes noting that we are flawed and imperfect beings and that is ok.



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