Clothes care tips for beginners

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t learn ALL the ins and outs of clothes care growing up. I learned how to read a clothes label, separate whites, lights, darks, and delicates, and how to basically work the washer and dryer. Everything else I’ve had to learn on my own over the past 5 years and ruin some nice pieces in the process. If you are a newb here are some tips for you.

Clothes care tips!

  1. Apply perfume before getting dressed. Alcohol and clothes are not friends. It will cause discoloration and after a while, it will become noticeable.
  2. Use cloth garment bags.
  3. Don’t store clothes in direct sunlight. Also meaning, Hang up your favorite sweater and don’t leave it on the chair by the window even though it’s super convenient on your way to class.
  4. Some faux leathers can be cleaned with baby oil. Try an inconspicuous spot first to check for discoloration and damage. So far it works for all of our faux leather needs.
  5. Use a natural based dehumidifier and deodorizer. Like this!
  6. Not all ” dry clean only” clothes are dry clean only. That said, do your research. I have a few pieces that say they are dry clean only and I can hand wash or run them on the “delicate” cycle and air dry. But I also spent time researching the fabric.
  7. Blot stains.
  8. Baby powder helps with oil stains on most fabrics. I wear a lot of cotton, so if I spill oil or grease on me I use baby powder. I also use a soft bristle brush if I hand wash it. I have natural hair ( natural American Hair if you don’t get the reference.). One day I was prepping to give myself an oil based deep condition. I was mixing the oil while sitting on the couch and one cat jump and a cup of 3 different oils were dumped on my favorite jeans. And we didn’t have a washer. But baby powder soaked up the oil and I gave them a tentative hand wash to save them.
  9. Hand wash lingerie and delicates or run them on the “delicate” cycle only. It’s best if you can have separate mesh bags for bra’s, undies, stocking, etc. Allow to air dry or machine dry on low. Here is a pretty neat style of a drying rack for shirts, sweaters and the like.
  10. For jeans with no stains and moderate odors, put them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight to two days. You really don’t want to over-wash your jeans, but I think everyone can decide the difference between freeze versus just go ahead and wash.
  11. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your wash. It helps with
    1. Softening clothes
    2. Help darks maintain color
    3. Help cut tough odors. Like pet smells.
  12. Don’t stuff your closet. Pack seasonal items away or purge your wardrobe. Finding your base style will help you!
  13. COTTON! Not only is it a breathable natural fiber, but it’s durable and easier to manage.
  14. Invest in a clothes steamer. Seriously. The shower works in a pinch and sometimes so does the iron ( if it isn’t super crappy and leaks).
  15. Use baby soap for delicate items or if you have sensitivity. It’s like I’m allergic to everything! But we figured it out!
  16. Replace and repair as needed. Pay attention to your clothes so you can keep up with needed repairs.
  17. Wash sweaty clothes immediately or hang to dry, then add vinegar in the wash cycle.

3 thoughts on “Clothes care tips for beginners

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  2. Awesome!! These are all great tips and most of which I did not know (hence you not being taught while growing up :)) It’s awesome when a mother can learn from her child… Kudos…


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