“So how do I organize my hang ups?”| Home Organizing Part 1

This post is Part 1 of the Home Organizing Series
Closet Organizing  in  a few easy steps

  • Hang-ups:
    • Light to dark (Or in  my case color to black. I don’t have many colors)
    • Type – Sleeve, fabric, neck cut, casual, business, formal and if you have a small enough wardrobe season.
    • Length ( Because  you don’t want your long dresses bunched up with your shoes)
  • Use shoe boxes to protect and store shoes, but only if there is space. There is no reason to cram a bunch of boxes in just to claim you organized. If anything keeps the shoes that need it most in the boxes and then stack other shoes on top. Hanging shoe bags are also beneficial. Use the extra hanger space or door space to your advantage.
  • Add additional shelving.  Even in apartments, you can get creative. Add shelving in strategic places in and outside your closet to house shoes, folded clothes, and accessories.
  • In apartment’s instead of buying a big dresser, look at the various types to see if you can incorporate it into your closet organization. In most apartments we have had, the closet was one of our top reason for the pick. I NEED a walk in style because I want everything in the closet. Most commonly in these closets is that one side allows you to hang long items and the other side has two hang spaces for shorter items. We put our drawers on the floor on the shorter hang side and often still have space to wrap scarves, etc.
    • *Drawer notes*. Do your research on types of dressers and drawer sets. Check the following for notes. X. X. X .  Because we have pets that shed a lot we have 2 sets of plastic drawers that make for easy cleaning.

You could also choose to buy an assortment of short hanging bar organizers and clear or decorative containers.

So hopefully, this quick guide will help you. The goal of having an organized closet is to see what you have, use it, and love it. We don’t want to have clothes that are just there. We want to have everything we love available to care for it, wear it, and protect it. Our clothes are utilitarian in nature and investment in most cases, so we should take a bit of time to care for them properly.

Stay tuned for clothes care tips and comment below with your best organizing hacks!




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