Unwinding at the end of the day!

Work and life can be super stressful *Sigh*, but getting to know what can help you quickly unwind after a stressful day is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Below I’m going to list my go-tos for weeknight quick stress reduction.

Gaming: Now I’m not a super avid gamer like my husband and most of my friends, but I do have a few faves.

  • Sims ( which we totally modded and made more awesome).
  • Minecraft was number 1 before I bought Sims.
  • Skyrim. I’m still very much a newb, but whatever.

Tea: I love it! I drink way too much and have even more than we need, but yeah. My top faves are:

  • English breakfast
  • Earl  Grey
  • Chai
    • I prefer the HOT latte version.

Alcohol: A quick drink hurts no one. I’ll take a glass of wine or a lovely Whiskey shot alone or in a Kentucky lemonade ( or tea).

Bath: A nice soak is even better. Relax your tired muscles. Whether bubbly or salty it’s a great way to end your work day and start the rest of your night. Aromatherapy win.

Exercise: Take a walk or stretch. Exercise and keep it tame and short.

Chores: I don’t know about you, but getting lost in cooking and cleaning is a great distraction from my stresses.

Grooming: You should always take a little time for yourself.

  • Facial
  • Manis
  • Pedis
  • Hair

You deserve it!

Put your favorite playlist on: Whether you blast it or have it in the background, your faves will help you.

Can we say 3 Seconds To Mars? (Yes I am aware I’m slightly Obsessed.)



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