Boosting your weekends to improve your week!

We are always looking for ways to improve our strategies for life, business, and social well-being, but how often do we overlook one of the critical methods to maximizing your week. Utilizing your weekends to the fullest is one beneficial way to reduce stress and increase productivity during your workweek while still leaving you plenty of time to relax and have fun. Check the list below for seven tips on giving you the boost you need.

  • Plan and update – From your schedule to your wardrobe, make a plan and update it as needed. Carve out 20 minutes to an hour a day to ensure your schedule is intact for the next day and foreseeable future.
    • Do you have a meeting every day? Well, pre-plan everything you know you need the weekend before. Don’t have access to everything? That’s ok! Add it later.
    • Knowing what you will wear in advance helps to eliminate time handling wardrobe malfunctions and constantly changing. Dedicate an hour or two during your weekend to pick outfits and make sure they are clean, altered, and pressed as needed, shoes shined and repaired ( Check back here later for tips on organizing your closet  and clothes care tips.)
  • Spend time with yourself – This is a must. I carve out a minimum of  5 hours a weekend that is purely devoted to me. During this time, I take a nice bath, do my weekly grooming maintenance, etc. Essentially for this, I turn this time into my special spa therapy. But there are many ways to spend time with yourself, so find what works for you. Read a book, paint, catch up on your shows, do something purely for you.
  • Get in touch with nature – Ok, honestly, a little fresh air is good for everyone. Just a little bit of quiet time surrounded by the trees and other plant matter can be fantastic. Picnic in the park, with friends, or by yourself with your current read. This works great with the next tip…
  • Exercise – I prefer to walk, so we try to visit the park on the weekends and take a minimum of an hour’s walk. For those that like to do more, consider structuring your exercise routine to have your hardcore workouts done early in the weekend ( Saturday morning, anyone??) while giving yourself plenty of time to recuperate. Exercise followed by a tame nature walk and ending the day with an in-home spa retreat night sounds perfect to me.
  • Be social – Our work weeks can get oh so hectic, so don’t forget to spend a little time with your social circle. But don’t keep a closed network only. Work on expanding your circle. Attend a party, join a group, and attend a weekend event. Try many different things.
  • Get spiritual – To remind everyone being spiritual is necessarily about religion. It’s getting to know yourself and your purpose and even your place in the context of the world. Meditate. Journal. Reflect. If for you that means religion, attend religious meetings and gatherings. This is about soul-searching and figuring out what you want and need from yourself.

You know it all honestly boils down to paying attention to your needs and catering to them.

The biggest tip:

Take time to learn yourself.

3 thoughts on “Boosting your weekends to improve your week!

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