The Perfect Appointment Planner Journey – The Basics (Part 1)

Part 1 of the Planner Basics series

Diary, Journal, Appointment Books, Planner… Smartphone app

It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it will become an essential part of your life.

There are many different types of appointment books. Some of the most common include:

  • Daily/Day Planner
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Combination

Here is a great breakdown of the types weekly of planners.

The first step to finding the PERFECT appointment book is to know the types of planners. This helps you to find the best planner for you.

When I look for a planner I have to consider the many things.

  • Paper type – Matters due to bleeding. Don’t let companies lie to you. Most pens do bleed on some type of paper. The thinner the paper the more likely the bleed or the more likely you will be able to see through it. I don’t know about you, but it really annoys me when that happens in my journals and planners.
  • Spacing – Important for scanning and locating things easily. Some of us also love doodling adding stickers. ( Post coming soon) Who says your planner has to be boring.
  • Features – I love features like blank space in the front for sticky notes reminders, pockets and notes sections, etc



AT-A-GLANCE® 2016 DayMinder® Executive Weekly/Monthly Planner (G545_16) $59.99

AT-A-GLANCE® 2016 DayMinder® Weekly/Monthly Refill for G545 (G54550_16)

AT-A-GLANCE® 2016 DayMinder® Weekly/Monthly Refill for G545 (G54550_16)









The pics above are the closest I could find to my old love. It was perfect, But these two are the next best things.

Next, after that are my DIY faves

  • Graph paper – I love graph paper because it’s easy to box everything, it stays neat, and it helps you to organize within itself. You can buy graph paper refills for your own binder or use graph paper notebooks. Pre-plan or free plan your layout.
  • Bullet journals – Bullet Journals are simply notebooks, diaries, or journals where a bullet point format is mostly used.

I am using a Bullet Journal as my planner and I’ll walk you through one way to do them.

My current – DIY Bullet Journal

Created in a Fabriano EcoQua Staple bound Notebook

Practice version

DYI Bullet journal 1DYI Bullet journal 2



Because the Fabriano is a notebook that is not perforated, making mistakes is not really an option in the final product. At least not for me. So I played around with the different features that I felt I needed to stay keep track of during my week. Shown are 3 pages. The first is the page for the entire month and the last two are the pages that represent one week. My headings include:


  • Reading
  • Monthly task
  • Dates
  • Quote at the bottom


  • Task
  • D&S Edi (Snippets of the main things I need to focus on for my blog.)
  • Goals
  • Personal Notes
  • Areas of improvement
  • To do list
  • Study
  • Band of the week
  • Meal plan
  • French word to remember

In the end, I took out the French and areas of improvement.

Permanent lines are drawn after penciled and measured.

20151004_205208 (1)

The product after reduction.

20151004_211503 (1)



BONUS – My dream planner exist

I have two types of “perfect planners”. The perfect “take with me” planner that I can put in my bag and the perfect “all in one” planner. The latter is below and I love it. I have no need to buy a new planner now, but this is definitely on my list.


Day Runner® Berlin Undated Planner (313-0307)



Coming up in this series:

  • Pens
  • Planner decor

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