Travel tips for the holidays [and commentary]

Obviously, check the weather.

  • Its’s suppose to be cold and rainy during our trip this year. 😦 *sighs* But, knowing that information lets me know how to pack.
  • I’ve included:

-Clothes to be layered( I live in Texas and we really don’t have enough cold weather for me to invest in a lot of solely winter gear yet. 4141qHAsgYL._SX38_SY50_CR,0,0,38,50_ (1)

-My favorite and most flattering winter sweater.

-I’m packing a heavier coat just in case.

-Leggings for if its too cold.

-Boots X

Pack versatile outfits you can mix and match.

Try to have a trip itinerary and if you don’t,  try to plan according to what could happen.

For one week I packed some essentials:

-I take no more than 3 bottoms.  I prefer three, but with bad weather, I opted for 4 bottoms including extra pants and an extra skirt for just in case I need something dressier.

-I have 4 shirts that double as undershirts for layers.

-2 nice shirts

-2 Cardigans

-1 vest

-Its the holidays and my first Christmas with my in-laws, so I brought a pretty dress too. This is definitely a splurge on space

My color palate is mostly dark. That makes it relatively simplistic, and because of my personal style – a black based wardrobe makes life easier for me.

Simplify your daily beauty regimen.

Just really, you will make your self so much happier the more you can cut with traveling.  We don’t want a heaping toiletry bag unless we really need it.

Packing Tip:1281_white_strobe_l_thumb

Invest in compression bags. We bought these to test them out for use after the move and I am impress. We only bought 1 set to split between us both, but If we plan on traveling again I will definitely get a second pair.  X

Items to put in your carry on:

  • Pack extra under and a shirt in your carry on. Just in case.
  • Make sure your travel office is set and packed.
  • Put at least one person, if traveling as a couple or relationship group, in charge of paperwork. I don’t travel well I hate planes, so my husband is in charge of  tickets on that day.
  • I always take my tooth brush with me.



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