Halloween event for the kiddies

Here is a little starter idea for a kids event. This event is a fun and educational and can be applied to any educational concept.

Attractions include:

  • Passport game with trick or treating
  • Photo booth
  • Games
  • Dancing
  • Candy

The passport game


  • You will need enough tables for all the booths you want. I suggest starting with 4 tables placed strategically throughout the event area.
  • Each table should have two adults. One supervising the game; one supervising the candy or toy prize.
  • Passports [Use this template as a guide to help create and decorate your event passport. Use the tiny book method and consider adding a crafting booth where children can decorate them themselves. Sticker, crayons, markers, and colored pencils are great options that don’t create a lot of mess.]
  • Educational material specific to your version on the game.

How to play:
I’m going to use healthy eating and my plate as an example booth game.

  1. Prepare a mini lesson about my plate explaining to children how a basic meal looks and what is included in that.
  2. Have a printed and possibly laminated template of my plate.
  3. Have printouts of healthy and unhealthy items that fit into the categories, and alternative beverages that are healthy and not healthy.

For this game, the object would be for each child to find the healthy items that go in each category. ( These items should be listed as an example in your mini lesson.) Let’s say that we want them to get 3 out of 5 correct and if they get them they get 2 pieces of candy. If not they get 1. After they have finished the game they get a stamp and move on to the next activity.

Once the child has all of their stamps they get a gift bag with age-appropriate goodies.



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