What is it?

[the act of] selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles


one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various 

unnamed (1)

It defines my personal and professional fashion choices, as well as event set up and presentation. Those that get to know me can see how eclectic personifies itself in my life and being.

It’s what helps me to achieve my best. Simplicity is by far my go-to method for everything, specifically, in this case, my professional event goals, but that doesn’t require blandness or boredom. You want to make a statement and get your message out there.

In my post Niche Look: Special Note On Pagan Weddings, I brought up how a hand-fasting has great importance in the symbolism of blending multiple spiritual concepts to create an atmosphere that represents who the individuals getting married are separately and what their union symbolizes to them. This, at its base, is an example of bringing eclecticism into event planning.

In general, the concept of eclecticism is not to allow the rigidness of predetermined rules to take from growth, insight, and creativity. ( Reminds us of something. *cough, cough* Interdisciplinary studies.)

There are certain expectations for an event to be considered a specific type of event in event planning. A book launch has to well… launch a book.  But we can take from many styles and event types to make the right book launch for you or your client.

Tweet: As  planners, we should have our go to themes and style that inspire decor and anticipation.As planners, we should have our go-to themes and style that inspire decor and anticipation. Couple that with the client’s unique needs, we should create concepts that make the event stand out.

Integrating eclecticism into your event philosophy can be critical to providing your best services. It allows you to avoid confining yourself. It will enable you to grow and explore your creativity.

Be eclectic.



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