Catering for dietary needs – Veggie Style

For vegan and vegetarian ideas check the recipe tag for weekly updates for ideas for food to serve. Also feel free contact me for tips.

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Food is often an important part of an event. When looking for caterers, it is always a  good idea to make sure that you have considered the dietary needs of your guest and plan accordingly. If your event is one that people need to send a RSVP, be sure that you include a place for dietary restrictions.

This post will discuss briefly some of the more common types of “veggie” people there are, what it means, and example yums for your guest.

Types of veggiefollow

Vegetarians are people who abstain from consuming meat. Many people do this for various reasons ( often a combination) including health and ethical reasons. If it’s for ethical reasons, some may also avoid any products made from by-products of animal consumption. All reasons should be respected, and it is a sign of a good event host to be sure that these options are made available. Below is a list of some types of vegetarians.

  • Pescetarian – Consumes fish and sometimes other forms of seafood.
  • Ovo vegetarian – Consumes eggs, but not dairy.
  • Lacto vegetarian  Consumes dairy, but not eggs
  • Ovo-Lacto vegetarian  ( also Lacto-ovo) – Consumes both eggs and dairy.
  • Vegan – excludes all animal products and by-products.
  • Raw Veganism – Consumes raw foods. Some food can be cooked up to a certain temperature.
  • Fruitarian- Consume fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Many people think that catering to vegetarian and vegan diets is difficult, but in the constantly evolving state of our culture learning the facts is really useful. I’m still surprised when I go to a large-scale event and no thought to having at least one item that is vegan-friendly is taken. I know many will say that it’s easier to account for the norm but depending on the type of event you are planning, the thoughtlessness may go against you event purpose.

Whether if you are hosting an event and hiring a caterer or doing the catering yourself, these food ideas will give you a good jumping off point to starts your planning. All of these recipes linked are not my original recipe.


Vegan Cheese

Breakfast Items.:

Many breakfast foods can be easily turned veggie. They are many egg, dairy milk, and butter substitutes out there.

General Eats


Meat substitutes

  • Tofu
  • Seitan. I have fallen in love with seitan. I recently made hot wings and lunch meat out of it.


Also, keep in mind that many people who are veggie are eco-friendly.



Resources for going vegan:










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