Back To School: Getting On Track


As the summer winds down, school supply lists are cropping up announcing that school will be starting soon.  Some may struggle with shifting to the regular school year schedule. I’d like to offer some tips that I used when I was in school that helped me greatly. These tips are for adults and children alike.

  • Slowly move back to your regular school year sleeping and eating patterns.

During the summer months, many of us have a schedule change. We may not have to get up as early to get the children ready. We may let them stay up later. We may have a different eating schedule.

Depending on your family, it’s crucial to shift into your School year schedule 1-3 weeks before school starts. This can help to cut crankiness from not getting enough sleep, your body not being at its optimal rate due to lack of fuel because your eating schedule is off, and can cut rushing.

  • Schedule your days and nights. It’s important for everyone to have some form of planner, schedule, or calendar.

Start with the time allocation chart. Figure out where you know you will be and how much time you estimate needing. Be sure to factor in adequate study time and extracurriculars. Ensure your student has a version tailored to them.

Time allocation charts make it easier to plan your days or weeks well in advance so that you can see exactly how much time you have. When I was in university I included the following categories: Sleeping, eating, class, work, study, student organization, grooming, housework, free time( Included down time between classes and work. I often used that for reading or blogging), blogging. cooking, transport time to activities ( Included exercise since I was walking as I had no care), spirituality.

  • Set Goals. Stage success with motivation and tools tailored to the individual needs.

Consider your individual needs. I personally need extra study time and tutoring in mathematics and spent 16 hrs a week minimum getting extra help and doing math related homework. That is a huge time commitment. Take in your mental health and general health concerns. Some illnesses are triggered by high stress so given yourself plenty of time can help reduce problems. Students with ADD/ADHD often find extra organization tools and goal setting help them.

Don’t be afraid to make a detailed plan that changes as needed

  • Get the right tools.

When it comes to school supplies and office supplies I am extremely picky. You will be surprised the extra clutter and disorganization that can occur from not having the right tools that work with you. This may take awhile for you to learn. I’ve tried many products and still experiment every now and then.

Remember if you have something specific to you that affects how you learn or interact to do research and make sure that you have what you need to the best of your abilities.

  • Learn to ask help



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