Why Color Matters in Events.

The short answer is the visual appeal and how that visual makes you feel. It’s  rather personal experience to how we relate to color and how we feel about that color as an individual.

But, let’s just think for a moment about some of the colors we generally attach to certain experiences and events. White = weddings; a new beginning. Black  = funerals and mourning. Red = passion

When it comes to event planning, we are selling an experience so diving into the psychology of color in its relation to marketing and design can come in handy when planning events. While it’s important to cater to the client’s wishes, as a planner you should be able to not only match colors so that the look visually appealing as you build upon the layers to set the scenery. Knowing how the placements of the certain colors and the quantity of that can give your event another potential advantage.

Now, this isn’t saying this is some magical formula that will make your event a success. If you’ve taken a look at some of my past projects, you’ll notice that I learned about the A6 Event Experience of event planning that consists of Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Amusement, and Appreciation.  I  agree that this a great way to try to make sure you address all aspects of your event.

When I consider colors effect on events I am drawn to three aspects of this formula. The atmosphere, Amusement, and appreciation can all be manipulated merely by color.

But how do we decide the colors to use? Well if your client has not already chosen a color scheme or is not adamant about sticking to the color scheme, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What is the over goal of the event? What is the experience you want to see
  2. What type of event is it?
  3. What is the traditional or usual way the event is decorated? Are they any colors central to the event?
  4. What are the typical cultural association with color in your area and are there varying subcultures that have differing ones? This is a reason knowing your audience or guest list. You can find this info by talking to your client in most cases. The color association can also be found online easily.

The cultural aspect is incredibly important as well. Design and Scheme based in the U.S. There is a mix of cultures and subcultures almost everywhere. That’s why having a general idea of the association’s people draw to specific colors s so helpful in every aspect of event planning, but you should also make sure to have access and to be willing to explore other color meaning that isn’t the general.

You never know.

Check out the resources I’m linking below. Hopefully, it will at least be a decent start for your color research.










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