Cleaning Purge- Summer Edition

If you will remember from my Cleaning purge post, I outlined a very basic purge that was highlighted for winter. I’m going to revisit that purge, with adjustments that I make for the summer season. Please review the first post to check the “How do y purges work?” section. So be aware, some of this post will be the same.  Also, review “Managing multiple tasks” as this is a long project that will require coordination.

Hope you enjoy.

Summer Purge

The stages of the purge are as follows:
1. Preliminary cleaning This step is just my regular weekly cleaning of each room. During this stage, I make notes of the special things that need to be done and add them to my household to do list.

2. I purge each room based on the room use.
Kitchen – I clean out the pantry, under the sink, fridge and freezer, and drawers –  including the snack, spices, etc. drawers.
Bedroom-  I clean out the clothes, closet, desk, bookshelves, and papers.
Office area- I now have a beautiful desk setup. When I do my purges I really just go through the paperwork and make sure I have no excess. If it is not needed for current projects, then I make sure I file it away. I like to burn incense and candles a lot and have a place on my desk set to do that. Incense can leave messes, so I  dust regularly and clean out the containers.
Bathroom-  I clean out my makeup, cleaners, hair and body products, and towels.
The other rooms are really rooms that have my husbands things, and after years of trying, I don’t touch that for the purge. I just ask that he attempts to organize it until I find a way that is cost-effective and easy for him to keep up. ( During the purges, I have started to try to encourage my husband to participate. I am happy to announce that all his computer part are now mostly organized.)

3. Re-clean. This is the deep clean. I will move furniture, maybe reorganize the room for better flow. I do a serious dusting, getting all the corners and everything. This is literally a room every few days. Everything needs to have a home by the end, or one that is planned for purchase within the next few weeks.
Kitchen –Dishwasher and garbage disposer must be cleaned.Oven and stove are scrubbed. Clean baseboards.
Bedroom- Clean baseboards. Air out bedding trunk. Clean door.
Office- I do a deep clean of the desk. I take everything out and use a toothbrush to get into the crevices. There are so many on my desk, but it’s just so beautiful. 
Bathroom-  Clean shower tile grout in the high spaces.  Clean baseboards. Clean door.
4. Cleansing – There are only a few reasons to bring up my spirituality, and that is with purges and balancing life. Keeping the energy in the home flowing is very important in our household. Due to this, I try to seasonally do this. I have some detail here. If this is something you are interested in using in your home, please email or use a contact form to contact me. I will give you more details.

Summer specific info:

Summertime in Texas is HOT! I love nature, but I hate being out when it is in the upper 90s and hits the triple digits. Also re-cooling your house is not all that easy.  But to keep your home from being completely taken over by clutter you have to deal.

– I clean my Balcony off and dust. I did this already and its already dirty again, so if you plan on using your balcony a lot be prepared for cleaning and consider the work when buying your outdoor products. My furniture is synthetic, so I spray a vinegar solution and saturate it, leave it for a few minutes and wipe everything off. Sweep up any messes, leaves, and dirt.
– We have a storage area. I keep all of the boxes from our appliances in there. If you know, you won’t be moving or returning things I suggest you get rid of these things due to clutter. Since we still haven’t settled down, though, I like to keep the boxes for our appliances if the structural integrity is good, because I make it easier for moving. I can make sure everything is pack in a nice neat way. I make sure there are no bugs nest or water in the storage closet as well.

-I really enjoy airing my house out as part of my cleanses. In the summer it’s a bit harder because of how hot it gets.  Be sure to have fans and take a break during this part and don’t cook!  I try to air out the house in 30 minutes during the summer and use the fans in the apartment to circulate the air faster.

I hope this review helps some of you.


Link to my current favored cleaning products list.


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